• The President & CEO is appointed by the President of Korea on the recommendation of the Board of Governors, and the Executive Vice President is appointed by the President & CEO with the consent of the Board of Governors. The Auditor General is appointed by the Korea Communications Commission on the recommendation of the Board of Governors, while the Managing Directors are appointed by the President & CEO. The term of each member of the executive body is three years, with the possibility of reappointment.
      Ko Dae-young
      • President & CEOKo Dae-young
      • President, KBS Business
      • General Auditor, KBS Media
      • Executive Managing Director, News & Sports Division
      • Correspondent, Moscow, Russia
      Jeon Hong-gu
      • Auditor GeneralJeon Hong-gu
      • Executive Vice President, KBS
      • Executive Director, Assets Management
      • Executive Director, General Affairs
      Cho In-seok
      • Executive Vice President
        Cho In-seok
      • Executive Managing Director, Content Production
      • Executive Managing Director, TV
      • Executive Director, 70th Anniversary of Independence Project Team
      • Director, KBS Andong
      • Director, Documentary
      Lee Jong-ok
      • Executive Vice President
        Lee Jong-ok
      • Governor, KBS N
      • Executive Managing Director, Technology Division
      • Executive Managing Director, New Media Technology Division
      • Executive Director, Broadcast Facility
      Kim In-young
      • Executive Managing Director, Strategy & Planning
        Lee Sun-jae
      • President, KBS Media
      • Executive Director, News & Sports
      • Correspondent, Washington, the U.S.
      Kim Young-gook
      • Executive Managing Director, Broadcast & Marketing
        Kim Young-gook
      • Managing Director, Global Hallyu Center
      • CEO, KBS N
      • Executive Director, Culture & Information
      • Managing Director, Content, SkyLife
      Kim Seong-soo
      • Executive Managing Director, Future Business
        Kim Seong-soo
      • Managing Director, KBS Arts Vision
      • Executive Director, Program Commissioning, KBS
      • Executive Producer, Documentary & Factual
      • Chief Producer, Culture Programs & Planning
      Hong Ki-sub
      • Executive Managing Director, News & Sports
        Hong Ki-sub
      • Managing Director, Global Center
      • Executive Director, Washington Bureau, the US
      • Main Anchor, KBS 9 O’clock News
      • Journalist and Reporter, News and Sports
      Kim Jin-hong
      • Executive Managing Director, Content Production
        Kim Jin-hong
      • Executive Director, TV Production 6
      • Executive Director, Entertainment
      • Managing Director, Content Planning, KBS Media
      Park Byeong-ryeol
      • Executive Managing Director, Production Technology
        Kim Soon-ki
      • Managing Director, Network Center
      • Managing Director, Production Technology Center
      • Executive Director, News Production Technology
      • Director, Media Management
      Park Hee-sung
      • Executive Managing Director, Audience Relations
        Lee Wan-seong
      • President, KBS Security
      • Executive Director, KBS Chungju
      • Executive Director, Policy Planning (Labour Management Relations)
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